Muses Collection

Cape Town-based artist Andy Galloway has been delivering the Wow!-factor with his versatile and inspirational art since the 1980s. 
"I'm inspired by my feelings, travels and my personal search, and expressing this on canvas, cloth, found objects or scraps of paper are what makes my life happy and worthwhile," says Andy, whose achievements include  more than 30 solo expos, a world-wide fan base and that his art is sought after by both art lovers and art investors. 
"Art critics and clients have described my art as a must-have, inspirational, honest, profound and incredibly collectable, and I'm deeply grateful to anyone who connects with me and my art."

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The Muses' Cushion Collection by Andy Galloway

Own a piece of original hand-painted art on fine linen & cotton.

In a dream; in a song; in a flash. To muse is to be absorbed in a state of peace and thought. It's a period of reflection that vitalizes your energy and sharpens your senses. Allow the muses to inspire you still.

Cape Town artist Andy Galloway has hand-painted, on a fine linen/cotton cloth, the Muses' Cushion collection. Each Cushion is an original work of art. Small variations in size, tone and texture are intentional and validate the uniqueness of each piece.

Stitched to accommodate a 50cm x 50cm or 55cm x 55cm inner of your choice, your Muse cushions will enrich the spaces of your life - and perhaps inspire you to find your personal Muse!