Clarens Sector Police Forum

The Clarens Sector Police Forum (SPF) is promulgated in accordance with Section 18 of the SAPS act no 68 of 1995. Consisting of volunteers only, we serve the greater Clarens community. Being at the coalface of crime prevention our main aim is to maintain the reputation of Clarens as a safe and crime free tourist destination.  Everyone does however need to play their part, not only by becoming a member, but also by reporting all crime and staying vigalent. (See helpful hints below.)

CONTACT:  Johann Lehman on 083 447 9925

Funding: The Clarens Sector Police Form (SPF) is a voluntary organisation, and dependent on membership for funds.  They are also involved in various fundraising events, the most important of which is probably the annual Clarens Macnollie held in September.

Clarens Sector Police Forum Macnollie Clarens


 CCTV in Clarens Project

To enhance visible patrolling, we aim to mount CCTV cameras, coupled to a central control room, in & around Clarens. Funding constraints will necessitate a phased in approach.

In conjunction with our local SAPS Station, a number of so called "hot spots" have been identified and these will be given preference. 

The CCR will be manned by SPF volunteers and ongoing running costs will be carried by the SPF. Our budget for this project currently stands at R450, 000.00 and we have a long way to go!

Home and business owners who wish to support our efforts can either contact Johann Lehman on 083 447 9925 or Sharon Larter at Gerda de Clerk`s office (058 256 1758) to arrange for a monthly invoice.

Corporates who wish to get involved are more than welcome - the SPF is a registered non-profit trust.



Here are some events that you can support in 2017





9 September 2017 - The Clarens Macnollie Challenge    

Based on the famous Royal MacNab challenge the Clarens Macnollie is aimed to stay true to the spirit of the original - but with an interesting 'green' twist! Participants will compete against each other as corporate teams in three disciplines i.e. hunting a Reedbuck will be replaced by shooting an Impala target on a shooting range (best grouping), the Trout fishing will not be replaced but is catch and release, and the shooting of a Grey-wing Francolin will be replaced by shooting clay pigeons. All three disciplines are still to be completed in 12 hours. The event being a prestigious one, only corporate team winners and second place winners will be eligible for the Clarens Macnollie trophy and Macnollie shield respectively.


For entry forms to the MacNollie, or for more information, please contact Johann on or 083 447 9925.



If you cannot support any of the hosted events, but would like to make a contribution, please feel free to do so.


Account enquiries:

Tel: 058 256 1758



Banking details:

Police Forum Trust


Account number: 9274490569

Bethlehem Branch Code: 632055





Passed events for 2017, that will be repeated in 2018:

11 February 2017 - HOGS

The Clarens Sector Police Forum committee hosts the annual Harley Davidson Owners Groups in Clarens.

This event takes place on the square on Valentines weekend, and all the funds raised contributes to keeping our litte village not only a safer place to live, but a safer place for our visitors. 


1 April 2017 - Annual SPF Clarens Golf Day





Keeping our town crime free is everyone’s responsibility and  all crime should be reported to the police station.

Charge office  –  058 256 6001 and 058 256 6002

Officer on duty –  082 466 8904

In an effort to co-ordinate crime statistics  The Sector Police Forum  also ask that anyone who has not received a case number for crimes reported to the police to please contact the Sector Police Forum.  Phone Johann Lehman on 083 447 9925


The SAPS has issued a standard invitation to all Clarenites to vet prospective employees by supplying them with a copy of their ID`s. Please support this initiative!

We try and concentrate on pro-active rather than re-active policing. Patrolling around the square during weekend daylight hours and night and day time patrols of the residential areas (especially hotspots as identified by the SAPS) has produced the required results.

The majority of reported incidents in Clarens are opportunistic in nature. The harsh reality is that we cannot, despite the best of intentions, prevent crime from occurring.

The best solution is to sensitize our locals and especially our visitors to take basic precautions. Herewith a couple of pointers:

– Advise visitors about the incidents of vehicle theft. Ensure that vehicles are kept behind locked gates or in a well lit area.

– Keep doors (back and front) locked – especially when you are braaing at the back of the house!

– Do not leave windows without burglar bars open at night.

– Do not leave valuables (laptops, cell-phones, cameras, wallets etc) in plain sight.

– Never, never take in someone from the street offering a car wash or any other service – never ever!

– For the locals especially – never, ever employ anybody without thoroughly checking references. The SAPS will gladly assist with a background check if you supply them with a copy of ID.