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Big Book of Prints


City & Village


Book of Florals


African Savannah


Plain Mesh Collection


Marine Stripe Collection

Perennial Tickings outlast fashion and fads. Subtle blues and greys give a hint of summer and sea; earthy tones and dynamic charcoals add zing and zest and colours combined and mixed will never clash. Whatever the statement or style, Biggie Best woven stripes will fit-in perfectly.


Shade of Grey

A medley of tones and weaves - from chunky herringbone upholsteries to gossamer voiles. This very versatile collection makes any grey centred decor theme easy and economical to put togeteher. A veritable one-stop-shop for today's most popular colour.

  • Minimum order 1 metre


Shade of Grey ll

A second collection in our Shades of Grey Series of well-priced highly versatile fabrics that look and appear much more expensive than they are !!


Linen Basic


Biggie Best Voiles

A collection of voiles that offer far more than a simple window cover - 3 stunning new designs added to the Biggie Best Voiles Collection


Biggie Best - Wide Widths

Wide widths in tones of taupe; textures in tones of grey and patterns with a hint of History, make for curtains that look far more luxurious than their good-value price tag would suggest. Our 280cm wide fabrics have revolutionized curtain making by saving on expensive make-up


Grand Chateau Swatchbook


Linen Basic Hanger


In The Mix Hanger

A collection of sheers that offer far more than a simple window cover. Pure linen or ubiquitous polyester, in wide width 266cm or standard 140cm, this collection celebrates the lighter side of interior decor.