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From Inception Of Design To The Final Product

We undertake a number of steps in the production process to bring you the finest quality textiles. Whether woven on our antique looms or our restored Dorniers, we take care at every step to ensure the best quality and finish. The process below describes the journey of the cloth and the many hands that will touch your Mungo product, from inception of design, to our skilled team of weavers, inspectors and seamstresses.



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A unique & colourful blanket

Mungo Cypress Vrou Vrou Clarens InteriorsMungo Vrou Vrou Tamarind

The Vrou-Vrou is a bold statement in textile design. It grows on you the more you look at it. With its chameleon personality, no two folds appear the same.

  • 220cm x 240cm – Queen R3,730
  • 240cm x 240cm – King R4,070
  • 240cm x 260cm – Super King R4,405

New to Mungo, Designer Lenore Schroeder delved into our vast archives of historic patterns and designs; a treasure chest for ideas and inspiration. She studied the checks of the classic Harris Tweed that was originally woven on the very Hattersley looms we use at Mungo today. She was equally fascinated by the three-dimensional effect of the waffle weave. The neat, pocket-like structure of this famous weave and the cross-sections of colour synonymous with the plaid check became the building blocks for the Vrou-Vrou.

By experimenting with intersections of colour and increasing the scale of the well-known plaid check, Lenore turns a classic design into something intriguing, graphic and contemporary. Read more about the creation of the Vrou-vrou (and the comedy of errors that took place during its production) here.


Mungo Vrou Vrou CypressMungo Vrou Vrou CypressMungo Vrou Vrou CypressMungo Vrou Vrou CypressMungo Vrou Vrou Cypress @ Clarens Interiors



Mungo Vrou Vrou TamarindMungo Vrou Vrou TamarindMungo Vrou Vrou TamarindMungo Vrou Vrou Tamarind

Bakuba Throw

100% Cotton Throw

Mungo Bakuba Charcoal Mungo Bakuba Tumeric

African inspired woven throws with a bold zigzag pattern. Perfect for use as a bed or couch throw.

  • 160cm x 200cm – Double R1,540
  • 160cm x 220cm – Queen R1,665
  • 160cm x 250cm – King R1,885

The Bakuba Throw is inspired by the rhythmic design of the Kuba Cloth, which has been woven for centuries in Central Africa. Traditionally it was woven from fronds of the raffia palm tree and decorated with natural dyes and embroidery.

The Kuba Cloth is one of the most visually exciting fabrics in the world and has influenced many artists including Henri Matisse and Pablo Picasso. Matisse was so fascinated by this cloth that he kept a large collection and displayed it on his studio walls.

Our own interest in this wonderful and unique African textile has inspired the design of the Bakuba Throw. It is bold and vibrant yet elegant and sophisticated. Woven from 100% cotton grown in Southern Africa at the Mungo Mill.

Cotton is a wonderfully soft fibre, praised for its durability. A strong colour fastness means your Bakuba Throw will retain its colour well, while its breathability is great for getting the temperature ‘just right’ regardless of the season.


Bakuba Tumeric ThrowMungo Bakuba TumericMungo Bakuba Tumeric





Juno Throw

An intricate & robust weave

A thick and robust throw, ideal for the lounge or bedroom. A versatile ‘good old’ blanket that never goes out of fashion.

  • 160cm x 200cm – Double R1,870
  • 160cm x 220cm – Queen R2,040
  • 160cm x 250cm – King R2,295

The Juno Throw is a classic blanket, perfect for your bedroom, a cuddle on the couch, hot chocolate on the porch, an outdoor movie theatre, or a picnic under the stars. The Juno shares the name of our much loved family dog and yes, she does get to sleep on one – out of principle.

The Juno weave was created by Stu, drawing inspiration from the traditional coverlet patterns that were woven in America during the 18th century. Historically, women made quilts and coverlets which expressed their artistry and skill. Often they were given as wedding gifts, or made by a young woman to take with her to her future husband’s house. If that new home was distant from friends and family, a bedcover became an important keepsake from her old life. Quilts were also made to celebrate the birth of a child, and other momentous occasions.

Cotton is a wonderfully versatile fibre, praised for its soft handle and durability. What’s more, cotton is breathable – making it a year-round favourite for bedding and blankets. Our Juno throws are available in grey, mustard & charcoal.

If you like the Juno Throw but are looking for something a little brighter, check out the Vrou-Vrou, which puts a bold spin on the classic waffle weave.

A classic Mungo throw, made at the Mungo Mill.





Chenille Herringbone

75% Viscose Chenille & 25% Cotton

The classic herringbone design adds a subtle, sophisticated look to these opulent chenille throws. Perfect for use as a decorative couch or bed throw.

  • 130cm x 160cm – Single R1,545
  • 160cm x 200cm – Double R2,300
  • 160cm x 220cm – Queen R2,480
  • 160cm x 250cm – King R2,815

Comfort, simplicity and luxury all in one! The intricate design of the classic herringbone weave and the velvety texture of the chenille yarn gives this throw a luxurious tactile quality.

The herringbone weave is often referred to as the ‘arrowhead twill’ or ‘featherhead twill’. Visually, the design resembles the bare backbone of a fish. It is a strong and hard-wearing weave that was historically used for the production of Harris Tweed.

Traditionally a herringbone weave meets in the middle and creates a sharp zigzag. Our undulating herringbone has a much softer, curved effect, which is something achieved through the intricate process of ‘drawing in’ the warp sheet on the loom so that the threads do not run in parallel lines.

These opulent herringbone throws are robust with strong colour-fastness (yarn dyed viscose chenille is known for its ability to hold colour well) and will maintain their sheen and soft lustre for years to come.

Our Chenille Herringbone throw is luxuriously soft, perfect for snuggling and proudly made in South Africa at the Mungo Mill.




Namib Orange


Organic Cotton Cot Baby Blanket

A pure, organic cotton baby blanket, woven on our antique shuttle looms. Lightweight and breathable, this blanket ideal for the summer months.

  • 80cm x 120cm @ R440

Keep your little angel snug, or present a mom-to-be with the perfect baby shower gift with the Mungo Organic Cotton Cot Baby Blanket.

Our baby blankets are individually woven on our 100-year-old Lancashire looms. Weaving the blankets on the antique shuttle looms allows for a looser tension than the new-school rapier looms. The end result? You have a baby blanket with a softer feel and a self-finished edge that prevents the fabric from fraying or unraveling (known as a ‘true selvedge’).

These baby blankets are a win for both moms and the environment. Made from pure organic cotton which has been organically grown in pesticide-free fields, Mungo baby blankets are non-toxic to babies and the earth.

The textural weave is designed to be gentle and soothing to soft skin – making it ultra comfortable for your bub. The Mungo Organic Cotton Cot Baby Blanket is woven with a traditional basket twill weave that is warm and chunky, but also loose and breathable – making it equally suited for the warm summer months.

Available in a range of soft natural and pastel colours.






Mungo Picnic Blanket

Colourful, compactful & 100% Cotton

Colourful, compact and 100% cotton Picnic Blanket accompanied with a leather strap. A versatile adventure companion woven at the Mungo Mill.

2020 gave us a lot to think about… for some, we learnt the value of gathering around our own tables – to appreciate the great indoors a little more.
For others, nature provided respite and rejuvenation.

Either way, there’s something to be said about picking out a selection of tasty eats and enjoying them in a cosy or scenic spot – all atop a fine cloth. So with that in mind, we’ve added a new addition to our range: the Picnic Blanket.

As comfortable on a lawn or beach, or strung between two trees as a hammock, it also makes for a great homeside oasis-maker. Compact enough to carry on a weekend getaway, hike or trip to the sea, and large enough to socially distance between you and your friend… We’ve even seen ours strung up as a baby swing.

Our Picnic Blanket is woven with a classic tabby weave – using four colours in the warp strands. We’ve selected one of our thickest cotton yarns to ensure a finish that lasts you through the years. So forget about snagging your Picnic Blanket on a pesky bramble, or having it gnawed to smithereens by your neighbouring picnic-er’s lovable Lab. (Speaking of, if you bring along your furry friend to your feast, why not get him a Moholo for them to sit on?) The tight weave helps to repel sand, so you needn’t bring home the beach on your next seaside excursion…

We’ve added an attractive leather strap for easy and compact carrying. Locally produced by sustainable leather manufacturers in the Garden Route, our straps are free-range and undyed. Now you can roll your blanket up snug and stylishly, and live out your best (socially distant) food sharing dreams.

If the last few months have been anything but a picnic, maybe this versatile adventure companion will give you a chance to kick off your shoes, rewind and relax.






Moholo Dog Blanket

For Mungo-loving dogs

Colourful, durable & generously sized, the Moholo dog blanket is a must-have for Mungo-loving pet owners.

After much anticipation, the Moholo 3.0 is here – refreshed and ready for your furry friend.

Keeping its characteristic pattern, the Moholo is now available in four pet-proof shades: Mindaro, Magenta, Mango and Melon.

Mungo tested. Mut approved.

At Mungo, we love dogs. In fact, we love your dog – enough to help you out with this last one and make his doggo dreams come true with the Moholo. Because as far as dog blankets go, this one is pretty damn perfect.

It’s a good size for a Great Dane, and it’s a good size for a chihuahua (or three). It’s thick and durable enough to withstand muddy paws and chewy gnaws – easily washed and difficult to destruct. The design is bright and fun, and we can almost guarantee that if your dog wasn’t partially colourblind, they would love it too.

Take it to the beach to dry off a damp doggo, lay it in the boot of your car, bring it along on a picnic to put some necessary distance between your canine and your camembert. The Moholo Dog Blanket is compact and light enough to travel anywhere, and it doesn’t look like some rag that you’d be embarrassed to whip out at any time either.
We’re not saying your dog needs this blanket. We’re simply suggesting that they might love you a lot more if they had one.

Your move, human.