Mungo Towels


Where contemporary textile design meets traditional weaving.

At Mungo we’re humanists, not industrialists – we put people, their visions and livelihoods at the heart of what we do.

And what we do is create heirloom-quality woven goods.

"We hope that when people understand where something comes from or how it is made, they will value it more." 

Clarens Interiors are proud Mungo stockists.

The items listed are from our store at 279 Main Street, Clarens. 

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We will gladly help where we can & courier your parcel anywhere in South Africa.


All Mungo Towels are:

  • Designed Woven & Made in South Africa
  • 100% Cotton
  • Hemmed finish
  • 40' Machine wash

    Belgian Waffle

    A luxuriously sized, textural and cosy bath towel, woven with 100% GOTS-certified organic cotton.

    Taking advantage of the three dimensional, pocket-like structure of the waffle weave to create a soft towel with strong absorbency.

    Woven from hand-picked, long staple organic cotton at our mill in Plettenberg Bay, South Africa.

    Please note some shrinkage may occur when washing.




    Hand Tow: 50cm x 90cm

    Bath Towel: 100cm x 180cm 

    Aegean Towel

    A crisp white bath towel, woven from ultra soft hand-picked GOTS-certified organic cotton. Featuring a diamond & honeycomb weave design for a classic look and absorbent finish.

    The Aegean was the first towel to initiate our commitment to going organic, and culminated in GOTS certification for the Mungo Mill in 2020.

    Hemmed with a hanging loop.

  • Hand Towel priced @ R285
  • Bath Sheet  priced @ R775



    Hand Towel: 50cm x 90cm 

    Bath Sheet: 90cm x 160cm

    Itawuli Towel


    Taking its name from the isiXhosa word for towel, the Itawuli is perhaps the most iconic towel from our flat weave range. Woven from pure cotton with an eye-catching geometric design, the Itawuli takes inspiration from the Basotho blankets of Southern Africa. A compact and quick-drying towel for bath, pool or beach.

    Hemmed with a hanging loop.

    This unique towel is inspired by the African landscape and heritage. With its intricate patterns, bold and warm colours, the Itawuli is a definite keepsake. 

  • Hand Towel priced @ R270
  • Bath Sheet  priced @ R775

    Cango Grey

    Blue Moon

    Bath Sheet: 100cm x 175cm

    Hand Towel: 50cm x 90cm 

    Tawulo Towel


    The Tawulo is a pure cotton towel that’s perfectly at home on the beach or in the bathroom. One of the unique characteristics of the Tawulo is that no two are exactly the same, due to the random rolling of the weft on the loom.

    The beautiful muted tones of the Tawulo range blend beautifully into many interiors while adding texture and tone to your bathroom. Also a brilliant beach or swimming towel.

    Hemmed with a hanging loop.

    • Hand Towel priced @ R270
    • Bath Sheet  priced @ R775



    Hand Towel: 50cm x 90cm 

    Bath Sheet: 108cm x 175cm

    Bijou Towel

    bijou /ˈbiːʒuː/
    Noun: a jewel or trinket.

    A roll-up-and-go adventure companion, the Bijou is compact, colorful and contemporary. Lightweight and slightly smaller than our regular flat weaves, the Bijou makes for the perfect hiking or beach-bound towel. Lightweight, absorbent and woven to last. 100% cotton.

    Hemmed with a hanging loop.

    • Hand Towel priced @ R190
    • Bath Sheet  priced @ R525


    Mungo Bijou TowelMungo Bijou Towel



    Mungo Bijou Flamingo @ Clarens InteriorsMungo Bijou Flamingo Towel @ Clarens Interiors


    Mungo Bijou Lido Towel in stock @ Clarens InteriorsMungo Bijo Lido towel in stock @ Clarens Interiors

    Sea Pearl

    Hand Towel: 38cm x 60cm

    Bath Towel: 80cm x 140cm

    Folly Beach Towel

    A limited edition piece of magic

    On South African beaches the call of ‘lolly to make you jolly’ is a familiar cry from local ice cream sellers. In the same spirit our Folly Beach Towel has become an iconic favourite. Featuring a playful tapestry of colours that reminds us of sunny days and sticky ice cream fingers at the beach. Big, brilliantly bold and 100% cotton.

    Hemmed with a hanging loop.

    A product of ‘weaver’s folly’, the big and bright Folly towel is a must-have for summer.

    • Beach Towel: priced at R975

    Fiddler Crab

    Folly Beach Towel Fiddler CrabMUNGO Folly Beach Towel, Fiddler Crab @ Clarens Interiors

    Blue Crab

    Folly Beach Towel, Blue Crab in stock @ Clarens InteriorsFolly Beach Towel, Blue Crab in stock @ Clarens Interiors

    Hermit Crab

     Folly Beach Towel: 180cm x 100cm

    Willow Weave Towel

    The Willow Weave towels are classic and refined. Woven with a traditional pattern that has been used for toweling design long before the mass production of the terry towel.

    The Willow Weave is based on a 17th century hand-weaving pattern. Adapted from our Dornier loom at the Mungo Mill, and woven from 100% cotton. Crisp white with a refined checkerboard design.

    Hemmed with a hanging loop.

  • Hand Towel priced @ R235
  • Bath Sheet  priced @ R725



    Hand Towel: 46cm x 85cm
    Bath Towel: 95cmx 160cm

    South Kikoi

    Kikoi (or Kikoy) comes from the Swahili word for ‘wrap’ or ‘something to wrap around you’. The name itself denotes the versatility of this handy piece of apparel. 
    Used as a sarong, skirt, baby sling, towel, scarf, shawl, head wrap, dress, and so much more. It’s a useful item that once you own you’ll wonder how you ever lived without.
    The South Kikoi is available in a kaleidoscope of colours. It’s a dazzling array and we’re sure you’ll find the right one for you.

    A Kikoi for a cause. The full proceeds from the sale of the Kids of Kurland kikoi help fund a much needed additional teacher at the Crags Primary School in Plettenberg Bay.

    • Colours: Kids of Kurland
    • Kikoi: 178cm x 97cm, priced at R410


     The kaleidoscope of colours:

    Sea Weed

    The Mungo 100% Cotton Kikoy South is a colourful and versatile beach wrap, sarong, head wrap or towel for tropical beach holidays

    Rock Pool

    The Mungo 100% Cotton Kikoy South is a colourful and versatile beach wrap, sarong, head wrap or towel for tropical beach holidays


    Ruti Kikoi

    A thin cotton wrap, woven with a true selvedge and available in a multitude of vibrant stripes and plain colours. This versatile piece of apparel can be used and worn in so many ways!

    • 40' Machine wash
    • Warm iron
    • Tumble dry at low heat
    • Do not bleach
    • Ruti Kikoi priced @ R435

    Cotton Stripe Denim




    All twelve

    Mungo Washcloth All TwelveHandwoven in SA cotton washcloth from MungoBuy your favourite Mungo washcloth @ Clarens Interiors

    Pure cotton washcloths in assorted colours. Versatile, soft and absorbent. Available in packs of 4.

    • Colours: Blue Pack (set or 4), Green Pack (set of 4), Rust Pack (set of 4)
    • Washcloth: 30cm x 30cm, priced @ R70 each

    Blue Pack

    Mungo washcloth blue pack @ Clarens InteriorsMungo washcloth blue pack @ Clarens InteriorsMungo cotton blue washcloths @ Clarens Interiors

    Green Pack

    Mungo washcloth green pack in stock @ Clarens InteriorsMungo washcloth green pack @ Clarens InteriorsCotton washcloths woven by Mungo available @ Clarens Interiors

    Rust Pack

     Mungo cotton washcloth in stock @ Clarens InteriorsWoven cotton Mungo washcloth @ Clarens InteriorsMungo cotton woven washcloth @ Clarens Interiors


    Cotton Rib Bathroom Mat

    Bath & Shower mat

    Mungo Cotton Rib Mat

    Textural, absorbent cotton rib weave bath and shower mats, woven at the Mungo mill in Plettenberg Bay from pure ecru cotton.

    • Bath Mat: 65cm x 100cm, priced at R 390
    • Shower Mat: 47cm x 70cm, priced at R 210 

    Mungo Cotton Rib Bath matCotton Rib BathmatMungo Cotton Mat