Carmeniere 2016

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Driven by his passion from crafting his love of wine and his yen for the unusual, Thys took guidance from farmer and wine maker Peet Smith of the farm Dagbreek. Together they crafted this fine wine. Dagbreek is situated in the heart of Breedekloof region of the Western Cape near Rawsonville. Rare in South Africa, Carmeniere is a french grape cultivar which is almost extinct in France due to the damaged caused by the phylloxera invasion in the late 19th century. Due to the remote location the Carmeniere vineyards of the central Chilean Valley, sheltered from the ravages of phylloxera has become the home of the largest Carmeniere production.

The grape produces at deep red wine which is medium bodied the gentle tannins.

Tastings have elicited comments like "smokey" , "spicy" , "earthy".

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Type: Wine