Carrol Boyes Mini Sauce Set - Hummingbird

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Present condiments in style with this ‘hummingbird’ mini sauce set from the Hummingbird range. This aluminium set includes a laser cut ladle and a bowl. Ideal for serving sauerkraut, kimchi and achar. The range captures the graceful and seemingly effortless moment in flight of a hummingbird.

This set consists of an eye-catching serving ladle featuring a laser-cut hummingbird motif, and a bowl. Made of aluminium, its polished surfaces beautifully reflect surrounding colours. The interior of the bowl is black powder-coated for improved durability.

Its petite size makes it ideal for serving kimchi, achar or chakalaka at dinner and olives or nuts at a cocktail evening. This set is suitable for informal and formal occasions and makes a splendid gift.

While it is dishwasher safe, handwashing is recommended. It is not microwave safe. Bowl capacity: 150ml.

Type: Olive Set