Carrol Boyes Sauce Spoon - Hummingbird

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The Hummingbird sauce spoon, makes an impression with its delicate appearance and durable properties. Forming as part of Madi Morgan’s Hummingbird range, this serving utensil has a long narrow handle accentuated with a laser-cut hummingbird design.

With a generous, deep bowl to effortlessly serve soups, broth, and gravy. With a mirror-polished finish, this stainless steel spoon reflects the colours of its surroundings and is easy to clean. Scoop sauces from serveware to dinnerware with ease with this elegant spoon.

The Hummingbird range depicts this gentle bird in a moment of flight in a collection of stainless steel tableware and home décor pieces. Explore our Hummingbird range and grow your collection.

Type: Sauce Spoon

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