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Mixx is a thin-film, cement-based trowel coating that can adhere to almost any surface with minimal preparation. Mixx Colour Binder is used to bind the Mixx Cement Powder into a thin film, trowel coat, that is ready for application.

  • Mix Ratio:1 bottle colour binder + 1 Pack Mixx Cement Powder
  • 36 Colours
  • Coverage: Trowel - Smooth surface  7 - 9m2 ; Paint - Smooth surface 4 - 6m2

Touch Dry : 1-2 Hours ; Walk on 6 Hours ; Overcoat 6-8 Hours ; Full cure 48 Hours

Directions and Application:

  • Your mixture requires both Mixx Colour Binder and Mixx Cement Powder.
  • Shake the Mixx Colour Binder well and pour all the contents into a mixing bowl.
  • Add the Cement Powder slowly while whisking until a smooth, lump-free consistency is achieved.
  • Your mixture is ready for application as a thin-film, trowel coat.
  • Mixx can be applied as a trowel coat using a Mixx trowel in windscreen wiper movements, maintaining a thin-film of approximately 0.7mm thick per coat. 
  • Your final coat thickness for two towel coats and sealer is approximately 1,4 – 1,5mm thick

Type: Mixx Cement

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