Headboard in a box!

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The new faux bone inlay stencil by Annie Sloan is the perfect solution to add intricate detail on a flat surface.

Here are your step by step instructions to guide you through the process.

Everything you need in one box (Please remember a measuring tape, masking tape, a pencil , wet wipes , paper towel & newspaper to cover the floor if you want) 

Included is:

  • 3 x Sample Pots (Paris grey , french linen & graphite)
  • 1 x Litre Paint (Old White)
  • 1 x Litre Matt Lacquer
  • 1 x Annie Sloan Set of 3 faux inlay bone stencil
  • 1 x Annie Sloan medium paint brush
  • 1 x 38mm hamiltons paint brush
  • 1 x 50mm foam roller tray set
  • 1 x 110mm foam roller tray set

Welcome to our Step by Step instructions on how to create your own Clarens Interiors headboard at home! 

Step 1:

Measure your headboard size.

Our painted headboard is king size, and here are the sizes we used:

Width: 196cm


Draw your headboard size in pencil on your wall to plan out your faux bone inlay pattern.


Step 2:

Use masking tape & tape down the outer edges of your headboard.

Make your border 30cm above the floor.

Mix your background colour paint. We used our Clarens Interiors custom colour called “Maison Linen”.

You need to mix:

1 x Sample pot French Linen

1 x Sample pot Paris Grey

1 x Sample pot Graphite 

Keep a pack of wet wipes handy - if you accidentally drop any paint on the floor, just wipe it off. 

(If you are a messy painter, cover your floor.)

 Step 3:

Use your Annie Sloan paint brush & paint your headboard out inside your masking tape edge.  Remember to add water if your paint becomes sticky or if there is a drag on your brush.

When the paint is dry (usually around 20 min depending to the weather), seal your paint using the Lacquer. Use your 38mm Hamiltons Brush. Follow the instructions on the tin. 


Step 4:

Remove the masking tape ,measure the middle of the headboard, and the middle of the outer border stencil. Stencil the middle, and then left and right towards each corner using your Old White & the sponge roller.

Repeat this process with the thinner border stencil & the large bone inlay flower stencil.

Work your way to the left & right of your center stencil.

Repeat the large flower stencil by lining up the small dots all the way to the bottom. 

On the first row of the large floral stencil, we centered the middle stencil and then worked left to right. The second row we turned the floral stencil upside down and used it off center to the row above. Use half of the floral stencil to complete the row.

Don’t use the corner stencils on the left & right corners yet, and don’t stencil your left & right border yet.  

Step 5:

When your floral and leaf stencil work is complete, measure the borders right & left of your large floral stencil.

Stencil the top left & right hand corner & fill in the missing detail in the border stencils.


Step 6:

Add the smaller floral stencils where you like—we used them in the middle above each set of large floral stencils. 


Step 7:

Use the little branch to add detail to empty corners, and repeat your floral stencils all the way to the bottom of your headboard.


Step 8:

Seal your stencil work with Lacquer. And that’s it! Ta-da! Sweet dreams!

Now you are the proud owner of a piece of functional art, done by you! Congrats. May you have many more happy painting days.



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