Carrol Boyes Medium Bowl Set of 2- interlude

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Entertain with this charming bowl set at your next dinner or relaxing night in. Each of the two medium-sized bowls in this set has a unique design featuring a woman covered in sheer, textured blue cloth — one captured in a daydream and the other in a moment of tranquil sleep.

Made from New Bone China — a high-quality vegan-friendly porcelain — these bowls are flawlessly shaped and will introduce a sophisticated feminine poise to any occasion. The inspiration behind our Indigo Girls range, which this set is a part of, also makes for interesting conversation and stems from Carrol’s travels to Morocco where she came across the Tuareg people.

Carrol was enthralled by how this nomadic tribe from north-west Africa valued the indigo dye they used, so much that they dyed their cloth, hair, and skin with it and considered it more valuable than local currencies.

Use these microwave and dishwasher-safe bowls to serve soups and snacks or treat your guests to an immersive experience with traditional Tuareg dishes and pair this set with the platters and other serveware in the Indigo Girls range. Capacity: 500ml

Type: Bowl

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