Crags Check Tablecloth

A classic checked cloth with a country kitchen feel. Woven at the original Mungo Mill in the Crags. 100% cotton.


  • Designed Woven & Made in South Africa

  • 100% Cotton
  • Hemmed finish
  • Cold machine wash
  • Warm iron


160 x 250cm (6 - 8 Seater)

Other sizes available:

4 Seater Table | Mungo160cm x 170cm – 4 Seater
6 Seater Table | Mungo160cm x 200cm – 6 Seater
8 Seater Table | Mungo160cm x 250cm – 8 Seater
10 Seater Table | Mungo160cm x 300cm – 10 Seater
12 Seater Table | Mungo160cm x 350cm – 12 Seater
14 Seater Table | Mungo160cm x 400cm – 14 Seater
16 Seater Table | Mungo160cm x 450cm – 16 Seater

Centre stage a lunch table, with tinkling glasses of homemade lemonade, crusty oven-warm bread, a freshcut posie and the scene of roast lamb, bedecked upon a breezy checked tablecloth.

The Crags Check is just the cloth to inspire that country kitchen feeling.

Perfect for alfresco dining, casual dinners with the family or to be swept over your Easter Sunday lunch table.

Another Stu Holding original (Mungo’s founder and Master Weaver), the Crags Check is uniquely woven at the original Mungo Mill – an old dairy farm in the heart of the Crags, the mountainous countryside nestled between Plettenberg Bay and Nature’s Valley.

Pure cotton gives the Crags Cloth it’s soft, light and fresh feel, with a long-lasting finish.

The Crags Check features a classic log cabin design – a plain weave (single layer) in which the warp and weft strands interlock to form the pattern. A tricky effect to achieve, with multiple colour threads, means that each warp thread has to be hand knotted to the loom.

Type: Tablecloth

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