Safari Days Hand Sanitiser

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This mini hand sanitiser spray is perfectly practical with a hint of luxury. Our highly effective 75% alcohol formulation is also lightly fragranced. To use simply spray liquid onto hands and rub together. Once our hand sanitiser has done its job your hands will be soft and germ-free, with the scents of bergamot, cedar wood and patchouli. 


  • Kills 99.9% of bacteria, fungi & viruses for optimal hygiene.  
  • Over 75% alcohol with high purity ingredients.  
  • Safe and effective WHO compliant formulation.  
  • Especially effective against lipid-membrane pathogens like Covid-19. 
  • Specially formulated to stay longer on your hands, maximising efficiency.  
  • Added moisturisers to keep skin soft and germ free even with regular use.  
  • Lightly fragranced with bergamot, patchouli and cedar wood.  
  • No water required.  
  • Cape Island mini hand sanitiser is made in South Africa.  
  • Comes in a recyclable glass bottle.


  • Hand Sanitiser 50ml
  • Hand Sanitiser 200ml

Type: Sanitiser