Serious Seal

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Mixx is a thin-film, cement-based trowel coating, that once applied, needs to be sealed to maintain, enhance and protect your finish. If not sealed, the colour will change when exposed to the elements.
Serious Seal is recommended for use in low moisture areas like splash backs or scratch resistance is needed

  • Coverage : Smooth surface 10m2 ; Rough surface 6m2
  • Touch Dry : 4 Hours ; Overcoat : 6 Hours ; Full cure 72 Hours

Directions & Application :

• Serious Seal is a single-pack system. Simply shake the Serious Seal. Pour contents into a paint tray or     suitable container, and your sealer is ready for use.
• Dependant on what surface, apply with either a sponge applicator, a sponge roller, a short hair roller or a blondie brush.
• Apply Serious Seal in a thin even coat, ensuring you overlap and cover the entire area. A second coat can be    applied after 4 hours when dry. Full cure will be reached within 24 hour

Type: Mixx Cement