My Hares & Graces

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Each sculpture is unique & you will receive your certificate of authenticity when making your purchase. Marked with a serial number & fitted with a microchip you can be sure that your sculpture is a once-off.

The life-size sculptures of My Hares and Graces are created using one of the oldest forms of human expression – clay and human hands. Each sculpture has its own mould made from silicone with a fibreglass resin casing. The hares are hand-cast using an acrylic resin. They are meticulously finished by hand so that each one has its own special character.

Most sculptures are available in an Old Stone or Pewter finish. 




A Zulu word meaning relaxed and sleepy.
Very content, he has a quiet presence.
Priced @ R 2,990




Zulu word for ‘listen' he is alert and listening to everything around him. 
Priced @ R2,990



This is a busy hare, cleaning and grooming.
Priced @ R2,990



A Xhosa word for ‘hare’.
He has been in a fight, but managed to escape
and is catching his breath before running on.
There is a ‘nick’ in his ear, the result of his battle.
Priced @ R2,990


Priced @ R2,990


Priced @ R2,990



Ready Steady Go!

Priced @ R2,990


Hare Apparent - small

Priced @ R2,290


Mpho - small

Priced @ R2,550





Frankie the Dachshund

Priced @ R2,990



Jax the Jack Russell!
Priced @ R2,990

Colin the Maine Coon

Priced @ R3,395