Annie Sloan Chalk Paint TM

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint TM Online (Free weekly delivery to Bethlehem.)

"Annie Sloan is one of "Britain's most influential female designers."– THE TELEGRAPH (UK)

"Annie Sloan has been a household name in interior design since 1990, when she invented her versatile Chalk Paint." – ELLE DECORATION"

“Annie Sloan, color expert and creator of Chalk Paint."– APARTMENT THERAPY


Creative Getaways & Workshops!

Join us in Clarens for some fresh mountain air & tons of creativity.

Enjoy the magnificent sunsets, revel in the beauty of mother nature, soak up the atmosphere & paint those stress levels away.

Bring your favourite besties along & stay with us in groups of 2, 4, 6 or 10.

Go home inspired & refreshed with a set of newly acquired skills!

Creative Getaways & Workshops

Clarens Interiors Wines

Limited ranges of exclusive red & white wines made with rare cultivars from Carrol Boyes, Dorp Street & Thys Sabbagha

Clarens Interiors Wines

Merlot & Blackberry Jelly

A Merlot & Blackberry Jelly is the perfect condiment on your cheese platter, and oh, so much more! Made locally from organically grown black berries & organic Merlot by Soret Visagie.

Merlot & Blackberry Jelly