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I am continuously astounded by the fantastic projects done by our clients.

To me the whole idea of Annie's fabulous products are to enable you to do it yourself. It no longer has to cost you thousands to introduce colour in your home, only your elbow grease & creativity!

In our day & age up-cycling has become an important part of caring for our environment.  

There is inspiration all around us. Not only in nature, but in pieces done by creative people all over the world. 

Whatever your style - from classic to boho to contemporary or chic - Annie's selection of gorgeous colours will enable you to mix & create your own palette, for your own style. 

When I started painting, it helped me a great deal to watch Annie in action. 

She is the inventor & creator of these fabulous products that keeps changing homes all over the globe. 

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Here are a couple of my favorite pieces done by Annie.

Swedish Look Linen Press

It's so easy to completely transform your old furniture into something perfectly customized for your home.

For this Swedish inspired linen press, Annie used Chalk Paint® thickly and applied heat to create a rustic crackled effect.

For the freehand lines, Annie used Chalk Paint® in Aubusson Blue, but you could use any colour from the Chalk Paint® range to tailor fit your room.

For step-by-step instructions, you can watch Annie's accompanying tutorial on YouTube


Sgraffito table



This rustic table has been given a complete makeover with Chalk Paint® using one of Annie's favourite decorative painting techniques called sgraffito. This traditional technique is simple to achieve, the trick is to work with still-wet paint and scratching your design in the surface to reveal the underlying colour.  You can find out more about how to achieve this technique on Annie's blog.


Upcycled Chest of Drawers

Annie’s son Felix Sloan painted this chest of drawers for his children’s room in Oxford. The chest of drawers was originally made by a friend’s father out of old floorboards, but was no longer wanted. Felix decided to give it a new lease of life by painting it with Chalk Paint® in Old Violet, outlining the edges in Cream. The inside is painted in Burgundy, for just a hint of playful red when left ajar. He then finished it with a coat of Clear Chalk Paint® Wax to protect the paint. 

The rest of the room is painted in Chalk Paint® too. The floorboards are painted in Château Grey and lacquered with Chalk Paint® Lacquer, for a hardwearing matt finish. The walls are painted in Old White and the zigzag pattern is in a mix of colours, including Emperor’s Silk, English Yellow and Old White. 

Watch Annie paint a similiar piece of furniture on


French bedroom

Annie painted everything in this elegant bedroom at her country home in France. The bed was painted using a traditional wax resist technique and both the bedroom chair and mirror were painted and gilded to showcase their carvings. The floors and walls were painted in a wash of Old White, where the bedside tables were painted very thickly to give them a rustic, chippy finish. The curtains are made from old French linens which were dip-dyed in Chalk Paint®.

Every item shown is featured in Annie's Book 'Colour Recipes for Painted Furniture and More', where you will find step-by-step instructions which you can follow easily at home.

Coastal bathroom

Coastal style is all about texture, so Annie wanted this painted bathroom to recall that weatherworn look that is naturally created by salty air and sea, high winds and baking sun.

To create this look, Annie focused on a palette of Chalk Paint® in Greek Blue, French Linen and Old White. White Chalk Paint® Wax softens the colours, bringing out texture and creates a washed and weathered effect. The drawer handles made from natural rope are the perfect final touch.

Jonathan Marc Mendes leather-look chair

Painter in Residence Jonathon Marc Mendes created a realistic, leather look on this red fabric chair simply by using Chalk Paint® paint and waxes. He started with a coat of Arles, which he diluted with water until he attained a consistency like thin milk. He then gradually added Primer Red to the mix, working in layers until the paint cracked. Once this was dry, he painted on the lettering and numbers using Graphite. Finally, he applied a coat of Clear and then Dark Chalk Paint® Wax, concentrating the dark wax around the edges to create an authentic, worn-leather effect.

To see a picture of the chair before the transformation, take a look at the Annie Sloan blog.

Want to try this at home? Get started by watching Annie's tutorial on painting fabric with Chalk Paint® here.

Napoleonic Blue Kitchen

This kitchen  wall is painted with Annie Sloan in Napoleonic Blue. 

The cupboards are painted with Chalk Paint® in French Linen, a beautiful neutral which works wonderfully as foil for bright colours. The cupboards have been finished with Clear Chalk Paint® Wax and were left to cure and harden before being used, to make them suitably durable. To discover how to paint your kitchen cabinets with Chalk Paint®, click here for an easy step-by-step.

Finally this kitchen is styled with copper accessories and a rich wooden surface top.


Patterned Mid-Century Modern Chairs

Felix Sloan added a contemporary graphic pattern to these mid-century modern chairs using the Annie Sloan Detail Brushes.

Each chair’s back and front strut has been painted with Chalk Paint® in (from left to right) Provence, Aubusson Blue and Florence. Felix used a Flat Brush to apply this use colour, to create a smooth, modern finish. He then used each of the four brushes from the Detail Brush Set to create unique patterns on the backs of chairs, letting the brush dictate the type of mark made. Click the image circles to find out what colours are used on each chair. 

The chairs are finished with Clear Chalk Paint® Wax and upholstered with Aubusson & Provence Coloured Linen to complement the blue-green paint palette. 

Stencilled chair in Duck Egg Blue

This chair was given a complete update with a new seat cover and the frame painted in Chalk Paint® in Duck Egg Blue. Set against a matching wall painted in Wall Paint, the seat back was given a lift using three stencils from the Annie Sloan Stencil collection.

To learn how to stencil a chair just like this, take a look at Annie's tutorial video on YouTube

Image transfer project

Annie Sloan HQ in Oxford is full of examples of painting, waxing, gilding and other decorative techniques which can be applied in the home. This particular project showcases the art of image transfer.

This bold and graphic image has been transferred onto the back of one of our doors – the same technique could be applied on a smaller scale on furniture. It really is quite simple once you know how! All you need is a printer or photocopier, and some Annie Sloan Découpage Glue and Varnish.

For a complete step by step guide to image transfer, visit our tutorial here.

Gilded bath at Annie Sloan HQ

Annie had this rather dilapidated old enamel bath here plumbed in at Annie Sloan HQ in Oxford. It’s used for dyeing fabric with Chalk Paint®.

For a similar look, all you need is to paint the outside of the bath with Chalk Paint® in Florence and then to apply Copper Leaf over the top. The whole of the outside is then sealed with Clear Chalk Paint® Wax.

For more pictures and details, pop over to the Annie Sloan blog.

Frottage Tabletop

You often see this 'look’ in old Swedish county houses. Annie has recreated it here with just three of her Chalk Paint® colours. The technique she used is one she has gone back to again and again over the years: frottage.

For more information and step-by-step instructions, take a look at the Annie Sloan blog. 



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